Four Corners

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Show some love for the Four Corners.  A unique and beautiful piece of New Mexico.
A persistant rumor exists that the Four Corners, the only intersection of four states, is in the wrong place by 2.5 miles.  According to the National Geodetic Survey, it is exactly where Congress intended within the rules of the day.
In 1875, surveyor Chandler Robbins was contracted to survey the boundary between the territories of Arizona and New Mexico. He was also charged with establishing the Four Corners monument. Robbins was directed to base his survey on the geographic coordinates of Shiprock.
The 1863 Act of Congress that separated Arizona from New Mexico specified that the dividing boundary should be coincident with the 32nd meridian of longitude west of the Washington (DC) Meridian.  This Meridian was used until 1912 when the US adopted Greenwich as its standard longitude reference.  This difference is the basis for the rumor.  The monument is at 109 degrees 03 minutes West, as referenced to the Greenwich Meridian.  Some believe that it was meant to be at exactly 109 degrees based on the currently adopted Greenwich meridian.