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Chaco Canyon, a rich source of Ancestral Puebloan history, is being crowded by oil and gas leases on neighboring land. Oil and gas is a much needed resource, but we need to find the right balance and some special places need to remain untouched.

Chaco Canyon was the center of a pre-Columbian civilization flourishing in the San Juan Basin from the 9th to the 12th century. Chacoan civilization represents a singular period in the history of an ancient people now referred to as "Ancestral Puebloans" given their relation to modern native peoples of New Mexico. Chacoans built epic works of public architecture which were without precedent in the prehistoric North American world and which remained unparalleled in size and complexity until historic times - a feat which required long-term planning and significant social organization. Precise alignment of these buildings with the cardinal directions and with the cyclical positions of the sun and moon, along with an abundance of exotic trade items found within these buildings, serve as an indication that Chaco was an advanced society with deep spiritual connections to the surrounding landscape. Their amazing arcitechture and society were built without a written language. This lack of a written record also contributes to a certain mystique surrounding Chaco - with evidence limited to objects and structures left behind, many tantalizingly significant questions about Chacoan society remain only partially answered despite decades of study.

50% of our proceeds will be dedicated to trying to understand and address this controversial issue in our state.